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28 May 2011 Back after another long break! Had a short stint in the US and you can catch up on all that in the travelogue section. Also added some poems.

- US travelogue - parts 0 to 9
- Couple of poems added; one is for girls and one about the power and pain of silence
20 Feb 2011 Back after a long time! Jabradamus has put up a Google login in the quiz section - so you don't need to have a separate account to play the quizzes. We also have a picture quiz - try it out. I've shifted the WakeUp series to blogs so that it is easier for you to comment on it!

- Dubai travelogue updated; parts 11 to 20
- Quiz updated - Jabradamus has put up a cricket quiz
- WakeUp series updated - editions 95 to 98
22 Aug 2010
  • Dubai travelogue updated; added parts 10 to 15
  • Poems updated - Sujithra's and mine
  • WakeUp series updated - editions 85 to 94
  • 15 May 2010
  • Dubai travelogue updated
  • 11 April 2010 Made a trip to Dubai and am writing a travelogue about it. Its been 10 years since I've been to the place!
    28 December 2009

    Almost done with what I was working on; a website for a non-profit organization which will be in pilot testing phase in January. So now back to our updates which have been long due!

    10 August 2009
      Been busy with few other things so haven't really been able to work on the website much...
    • WakeUp archive updated
    27 June 2009
    13 May 2009 We have the 5th poem from Sujithra
    5 May 2009 We have the 4th poem from Sujithra
    1 Apr 2009 I am back at poetry now!
    21 Mar 2009 New poems written by a different hand for a change
    13 Feb 2009 For all my travelogue fans - a slight delay in 8th edition because i was unwell. It will be back next week. Till then I'm off on another adventure...
    8 Feb 2009 7 parts of travelogue up - including snaps as well from now on
    31 Jan 2009 The travelogue will be updated once in every two days; so stay tuned; 3 parts already up
    1 Jan 2009 The days are flying - the years are flying - wake up SS wake up...
    24 December 2008
    13 December 2008
    28 November 2008 I've lately been doing more of poetry and fiction rather than anything technical!
    14 November 2008 Meetings bring out creativity indirectly!
    9 November 2008 A crack at poetry after a pretty long time - do check it out!
    7 November 2008 There has been too much of multi tasking going on and haven't been able to put up updates for a month. We are back on track now.
    2 October 2008
    30 September 2008
    25 Sept 2008
    3 Septembet 2008 Mail server still not fixed by the hosting provider and so new users cannot register for quizzes and also cannot retrieve their passwords if they have already registered. You can drop a mail for the time being and I shall add you to the users list if you want to access the quiz for the time being.
    31 August 2008 Discovered that mail server is down and that led to guestbook crashing down - things are fixed now Stay tuned...
    9 August 2008 A heck of a long break - lot of things happening though; we should have something bigger coming up soon... Stay tuned...
    13 June 2008
    8 June 2008
    25/23 May 2008
    • We've got a quiz on IMS database up and running
    • I just discovered how a lot of times we don't actually worry about how things work in our day to day programming; you just forget about all that happens behing the scenes - learning the theory you begin to appreciate the practical aspects better.
    • Top scorer section for the quizzes is now available - just hover over the completed quizzes to view the top scorers.
    • KR archive updated
    • Wake up series updated
    4 May 2008
    • Haha - finally i've got it working; purely for the fun of learning I tried out some webservice, SOAP, JSON and AJAX - some hifi terms eh! You can find all of that working in the search box - try typing a letter and you'll get some suggestions to search for.
    23 April 2008
    19 April 2008
    13 April 2008
    • More changes - finally converted all my KR pages into ASPX so that the layout can be consistent. Unfortunately since I did it through a convertor tool which simply copy pasted the HTML into ASPX the look of the KRs might not be proper - will change them manually as and when required. If you find some page odd then do let me know.
    • New quiz is up and running - not the normal type - it's a story type quiz
    • C++ search facility is also available now. Phew - quite a lot of updates for a weekend!
    10 April 2008
    • More changes made and you'll see a new search bar on top which permits you to search through the KRs archive - drop a mail in case you have any issues. We will soon expand it to the C++ tutorials as well
    5 April 2008
    • Revamping the website to a consistent layout - Thanks to Sini for the banner (created from his snaps) and Jabez for making the new layout; all pages will soon be converted to the new layout and do stay tuned for a search facility that will come up in this website. Drop in your comments about this new layout. It's going to take some time to come out proper - cleaning up years of mess takes time :-) And now I appreciate the power of CSS!
    13 March 2008
    March 2008
    21 February 2008
    17 February 2008
    15 February 2008
    20 January 2008

    Something new is brewing at sstutor.com - stay tuned - it is in its final stage

    13 January 2008

    Was busy making a stock market application and something new that will soon come up online...stay tuned...

    Thanks to Raj for having pointed out a small typo in the studying abroad section.

    29 December 2007
    23 December 2007

    Last week was busy with uploading pictures and another long due work which is over for the time being

    8 December 2007

    The US travelogue is not over yet - readers were misled by the title perhaps...here is the next one...

    1 December 2007

    There was a big gap because of unforseen circumstances; so here we go with the much awaited travelogue continuation

    I've added the series of articles I write for a weekly column titled "Wake Up" online; do check it out and drop in your feedback.

    3 November 2007

    Gives pleasure to dig into Linux and assembly level programming after a long time! You understand internals better when you look at assembly code.

    28 October 2007

    Was busy with a lot of other things - so the delay in publishing the next edition of the travelogue; anyway we're back up and running again...do drop in your comments...

    7 October 2007
    23 September 2007
    16 September 2007
    3 September 2007
    25 August 2007
    22 August 2007
    18 August 2007
    15 August 2007
    12 August 2007
    7 August 2007
    4 August 2007 Finally got Internet working at home - you really appreciate something when you don't have it for a while!
    23 June 2007
    9 June 2007
    2 June 2007
    29 April 2007
    22 April 2007
    21 April 2007
    15  April 2007
    8 April 2007
    19 March 2007
    15 March 2007 Ah; what a week - this new look was supposed to be up by 4th March itself but got delayed due to server issues - a virus in the server it seems and all my pages were kabooom...it's good I don't rely on the server backups.
    04 March 2007
    • New look to the website; experimenting with .NET
    10 Feb 2007
    10 Feb 2007
    09 Feb 2007
    08 Feb 2007
    06 Feb 2007
    03 Feb 2007
    25 Jan 2007 Verdict in; databases are gone! No restoration and so that's the end of my anxious wait! Moral of the story: Always back up data yourself.
    21 Jan 2007 I was in depression for the past few days since my database tables haven't yet been restored; ah; all my wonderful blogs lost and no backup (maybe some people are happy that it's gone!). The server guys say they'll try to get it back; let's hope they do; in the meantime I am looking at redesigning things over here.
    17 Jan 2007 I learnt my lesson "never ever forget to keep a backup of your work; no matter how small it may be"; the blog is down because the databases have gone empty because of server crashing down - let's see if I the hosting provider can recover the lost data; damn - I should've taken my own backup.
    08 Jan 2007
    • New blog: "A weekend with the differently abled"
    04 Jan 2007
    25 Dec 2006
    22 Dec 2006
    • New blog: Loyalty - who cares!
    19 Dec 2006
    • I made some changes - see if you can spot them!
    15 Dec 2006
    10 Dec 2006 Server was in maintenance on the weekend so nothing new for the weekend except this note!
    6 Dec 2006
    1 Dec 2006
    • Just felt like scribbling something and ended up writing this blog on hitch hiking!

    29 Nov 2006

    27 Nov 2006

    • Blog updated (something regarding Indian cricket)

    26 Nov 2006

    21 Nov 2006

    19 Nov 2006

    • Website registers over 200 hits!

    15 Nov 2006

    • Blog updated with article " dowry oh dowry again :-( "

    12 Nov 2006

    • Experimenting with the banner (it really is time consuming)!

    11 Nov 2006

    • Blog updated

    • Traffic should increase since I've provided links from my old site to this one - let's wait and see.

    4 Nov 2006

    • Added a blog on financial management (collection agencies)

    • Hopefully should have at least one blog per week - what topic it'll be on I have no clue; just about depends on what I feel like writing at that moment!

    2 Nov 2006

    I promised to update the webpage regularly by at least adding a comma to a page; done better than that today by writing this! Well, few things are in progress and they will be up by the weekend.

    And the good news is that the Google bot has crawled into my page and now it is listed in their search; hooray :-)

    30 Oct 2006

    27 Oct 2006

    Since my monitor is not showing up red colour I can't experiment with the design or colouring scheme on the pages!

    25 Oct 2006

    23 Oct 2006

    • Blog updated with a new category ("my progress" - which will give an idea about what's happening with the website).

    • Some progress made with asp and database processing - guestbook should be up soon.

    22 Oct 2006

    • Blog Updated - added article "Newton's first law so true for us!"

    21 Oct 2006

    • The web blog is up; experimental feature - do check it out; added a blog on faulty RAM

    • KR express is also up

    17 Oct 2006

    • Poetry is up!

    • And also converted the first page to a .php page - end up having to learn a lot of things just to have a decent website!

    15 Oct 2006

    14 Oct 2006

    • Experimenting starts!

    13 Oct 2006

    10 October 2006 11:56 pm

    • Launch of the website - domain registered and web hosting space allocated.