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Studying abroad

Aim of this website

Simple; I just hope that I can help students in the process of higher studies. I've been through good old college days and found many students wanting to do higher studies but not knowing where to start; I've found them in a lot of dilemma - "should I go to a consultancy or not?", "what is the process for applying?", "how can I collect some basic knowledge about studying abroad?", "how is life outside India?", "I don't know anyone abroad, should I even think of studying abroad?" etc...

I'll try my best to answer these questions and provide the reader with the a basic knowledge about what studying abroad is all about.

Intended audience:

Indian students doing their Bachelor of Engineering. Of course, others might find the content interesting to read.

About Myself

You'll have to find that out yourself :-)


Except for the initial few chapters I've tried to make the articles interactive and wherever possible I've added excerpts from people who are studying abroad (mostly in US).

I've tried to provide accurate information to the reader but I cannot guarantee on this. And I also can't guarantee the reader that he/she will get admission into his/her dream college by browsing through my website! I shall do my best to provide you with lots of information.


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