Why oh why this website?

Vision: Making learning fun - no mugging.

Mission: Empowering students with knowledge with effective tutorials ensuring that students understand what they learn.



Not bad; anyway, to give a recap of history: It all started when I was in college and we had a subject on C++. I noticed many would mug up programs without understanding the logic (and not trying to understand the logic as well). My friend Kumaravel suggested that I start some tutorial to explain programming and that's how my website on C++ began: this was roughly 5 years back and I hosted the site in Geocities.

I also began some other sites with the aim of passing on any useful information that I collected through my experiences - made a site on "studying abroad" and also attempted a website on "simplifying electronics".

Content grew day by day (mainly on C++ since that was my primary focus) and with the amount of visitors and well wishers increasing I decided that someday I should have my very own domain. I wanted to integrate all my material into one place, under one roof and the result of that is www.sstutor.com

It is quite a thrill to have your own website and space on the net! Having moved out from free servers means - no more unwanted popups or ads (at least till my website gets popular I won't add anything!), no more error-prone pages and lots of scope for experimentation with web designing.

This also gives me the opportunity to showcase my talents in writing and poetry :-) ... don't worry; it's only a small part of the website - I'm not going to fill the entire website with it!



I'd like this site to help students understand and learn (not just mug up things) and also if possible motivate them. Knowledge is meant for sharing - you share with others and you'll learn more yourself. Rise and let rise.

Doing this website will also ensure that I keep learning something everyday! Feel free to drop your comments to "sstutor @ gmail.com"

Other info


I am open to suggestions (regarding content and layout) and also open to contributions (but they should be original).

All the content in this site is original - if you feel that something similar to it exists elsewhere then do drop a mail so that the issue can be sorted out - I don't want to copy someone else's work and I don't want anyone to copy mine.


You might be curious to read the previous version of this page for C++ (do read it - it's got some good comments!)