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I’d first like to thank my first C++ teacher Ms. Shantini Pandiaraj for having provided me with a start in C++. This book evolved from my C++ tutorial website and that idea was born thanks to my friend Kumaravel who urged me to make prepare some material for learning the language. I have to thank Rahul Ghali, a teacher in my work place, who opened my eyes to the world of object oriented programming. I would like to thank my colleagues Santhosh and Ashish who ensured that I took the book to completion – every time we spoke they would ask me ‘where is the book?’ There are many people who have contributed to improving the script through reviews (directly and indirectly) – Mr. Oliver (he pointed out the nuances of textbook layouts), Mrs. Esther, Gowri, Santanu Pathak, Elango M, Kumaravel K, Veeraraghava Prabhu, Karthikeyan M, Megha. Some weren’t able to review the book because of their tight schedules but nevertheless made me revise my script – every time you pass the script to a reviewer you want it to be perfect and perfection is a process, not an end.


I have to thank all my website visitors (almost all of whom I’ve never met – students, teachers and software professionals) who used to provide suggestions, point out errors and send me interesting questions. They were the driving factor to motivate me in updating the contents. Another person to acknowledge is Joe Steeve, who used to reply immediately to all my petty questions concerning OS, processors and compilers. I’d also like to thank all my colleagues who were patient enough to check out my crosswords – Divya, Ganesh, Vijayan, Sachin and many others. Credit for the book title goes to Sony Thomas.


Perhaps if not for that mail and telephone call from Jaico publishers three years back suggesting me to write a book on C++ I may have never thought of this idea. They also gave me some valuable suggestions for improving the content after their reviews.


Last but definitely not the least, I’d like to thank my parents for having provided me with all that I’ve needed and who have coped well with the fact that I used to spend more time on the script than with them!