CROSSWORD (Chapters 1 to 3)- Basics


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1.) We work in the decimal system but addresses are represented in this format. (11)
3.) Should I play now or should I study? These statements can help you! (8) 
5.) Even an arm has one! (3)  
8.) In some machines this is 16 bits and in some it is 32 bits. This determines the size of an integer. (4) 

9.) Errors prevent execution but I allow execution. But beware. (7) 

13.) Programmers are reluctant (and lazy) to use me but if used judiciously I’m very helpful later. (7) 

14.) I take only true or false for an answer and nothing else. (4) 

15.) To be OR not to be! (4) 

16.) When strengths are equal, this determines who is evaluated first. (13) 




2.) To get something from the right side to the left, we need to use this operator. (10) 

4.) C++ = C + this concept. (3) 

6.) Operator to obtain the remainder. (6) 

7.) Dictionary says “memory aid”. Assembly programmers need (and use) them the most. (8) 

10.) If ‘B’ has a value of 66 and ‘b’ has a value of 98 then you are using this code. (5) 

11.) It is present in alliterate and is another name used for a constant. (7) 

12.) Lawyers, in movies frequently, retort, ‘My Lord I …’ Compilers convert into this code. (6)


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