CROSSWORD (Chapters 4 to 6)- Functions and data types


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1.) If you pass by this then you are only working on a copy of the original. (5)


5.) A mandatory function for creating a C++ program. (4)


7.) When you look up a dictionary for the meaning of a word and you don’t know the word used for explanation, you then search for the other word. Again if you don’t know the word used for this explanation you search the dictionary for that word and go on till you arrive at the meaning or return back to the first word you looked up for! What is this called? (9)


8.) These data structures can be used if you want to save space and if you are sure as to what you are doing. (5)


9.) On completion of execution, a program returns a value to this. (2)


11.) Sherlock Holmes would say, “Watson, pray ……..”. Helps in skipping a loop iteration. (8)


15.) To retain a variable’s value after each function call you need to declare the variable as this. These variables undergo initialization only once. (5)


16.) This statement irrespective of what value it contains, signals the end of the function. (6)


17.) One way to permanently quit a loop statement. (5)


18.) Read between the lines. Very small functions are made this to improve performance. (5)


19.) The process of enclosing one within another (could be a loop or could be a data structure). (7)




1.) Returning nothing is actually returning this. (4)


2.) Operators which require a single operand. (5)


3.) These statements help you make a choice. (8)


4.) We are variables who are visible only within the block where we are born. The outside world cannot see us. (5)


5.) In C they were popular but in C++ they are not recommended. (5)


6.) You can pass this to a function. (8)


10.) Individually I can’t help you but when used with a friend (my only friend) I will execute a loop unconditionally the first time. (2)


12.) Programmers generally use me when they know the number of iterations beforehand. (3)


13.) This term is an alternative to visibility of a variable. Dictionary defines it as sphere or reach of observation. A CRO as well as some medical instruments have this in them. (5)


14.) Well-ordered things (according to the dictionary) and thus are stored in disciplined contiguous memory locations. Consider the plural form. (6)


15.) A series of characters terminated by a null statement. (5)


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