CROSSWORD (Chapters 7 and 8)- classes and pointers


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4.) Used for storing memory addresses. (7) 

6.) Donít trespass this property. Everything in here is safe from accidental modifications (7) 

8.) A template used to create user-defined data type. (5) 

9.) Everything in this region is safe but can be inherited. (9) 

11.) Open to everyone. Directly accessible if present in this region. (6) 

14.) A keyword used to tell the compiler that you are never going to modify the data. (5) 

15.) Every class has one. Responsible for cleaning up. (10) 

17.) From grandparent to parent and from parent to child and so on. An important concept in C++. (11) 

19.) No matter how many objects you create, youíll find only one copy of this member data. (6) 

20.) I can be changed even by a Ďconstantí member function. (7)




1.) Concrete and occupies space. (6) 

2.) A special member function (implicitly created if you donít provide one) generally used for initialization. (11) 

3.) Mon ami! Mera dost! They can access private areas even though they arenít members! (6) 

5.) Use this keyword to prevent implicit conversion (in classes). (8) 

7.) Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde; one person many faces. Depending on the circumstance the person will use a face! (12) 

10.) A dynamic memory operator. Allocate memory dynamically, then you should free it using this else thereíll be leaks! (6) 

12.) A famous programming model (used in C++). (3) 

13.) You need this to locate people (and you need this to access memory). Canít imagine a world without it. (7)  

16.) A C++ operator used to allocate memory dynamically. (3) 

18.) An abstract acronym for a user-defined data type like a class (answer in question!). (3)

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