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The turbulent mind filled with desires

The mind and heart go hand in hand 
they tango together like one band
Once the heart develops a feeling 
the mind contemplates on satisfying.

All our emotions arise from desire 
which is an insatiable fire
be it jealousy, hatred and ire 
or landing in the romantic quagmire.

When desire is met with an obstacle 
the mind develops a hatred receptacle 
When the desire seems far and never 
we tremble in fear and shiver

When the desire goes beyond our reach, 
we panic and pleadingly beseech
and when finally it is gone we are in deep sorrow 
and hurt ourselves as if there were no tommorrow

But if we attain our desire and feed, 
we are plagued by even more greed. 
When what we desire becomes someone else's bead 
we turn jealous and lose our creed.

Why oh why do we crave
when we know that we all end in the grave? 
We waste life over worldy desires we quarry
but why when we know that beyond the funeral nothing we carry?

Our desire may be an object,
or a person we hope won't reject. 
It may grow into a feeling of lust 
but why worry when we all end in the dust?

The mind will easily waver 
to the tune of emotions forever 
unless we concsiously discern 
and from past experiences learn.

Ill feelings we should not to harbour 
and not expect instant reward for labour.
Keep working to the best of your ability 
and not as if it is a liability. 

Don't let desire rule your life 
for it can become a killer knife. 
Life is short and beautifully sweet 
enjoy it like a delightful treat. 

- SS; This one was specially asked for by my friend Mahesh

Quagmire - a difficult situation
Receptacle - a container to hold items
Quarry - an object of pursuit
Beseech - to request earnestly

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