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KR edition 52

KR-52 IP address and networking

How do we know what’s our IP address?
    Just use the command ipconfig at the DOS prompt. This’ll give you your IP address for the current session (when you use a dialup connection the ISP will generally assign a different IP to your machine each time-dynamic IP; but if you are on broadband connection- always hooked onto the Net then you’ll have a fixed IP). The command ipconfig -all will give you your IP address as well as the machine name.

What if we want to find the name of a server from the IP address? 
    There’s a command called tracert which will give you the name of the PC. From the example below we deduce that the IP address corresponds to
    Basically tracert will tell you the various routers through which your packet travels (a packet is just a piece of data which you send – and since the Internet is an interconnection of many networks, whenever you send data/packets they will be pass through many other systems before reaching their destination). Tracert stands for ‘trace route’.


Tracing route to []
over a maximum of 30 hops:

(1) 137 ms 140 ms 150 ms []

(2) 133 ms 140 ms 148 ms []

(3) 137 ms 129 ms 141 ms []

(4) 160 ms 160 ms 150 ms []

(5) 169 ms 180 ms 170 ms []

(6) 369 ms 370 ms 367 ms

(7) 369 ms 370 ms 370 ms

(8) 371 ms 380 ms 380 ms []

(9) 379 ms 379 ms 381 ms []

(10) 380 ms 380 ms 380 ms []

(11) 380 ms 380 ms 380 ms []

Trace complete.

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