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Is it love or is it crush? Rise in love; don't fall in it!

Love you are in, you may think,
and feel as if everything is rosy pink,
and lots of goodie feelings you start to ink,
but wait, did it happen within a blink?

Hold on for a while it if it happened in a blink,
for you may be right at the cliff's brink,
and at any moment could tip over and sink,
and once that happens you'll want to drown in drink.

When you see the person in a fleetingly brush,
your adrenalin tends to surge with a rush,
your cheeks become red and you blush,
but wait it could be just an ephemeral crush.

It could be just a mix of hormonal chemical,
making you feel as if it is critical,
but check if it is just ephemeral,
cause then it will turn out whimsical.

So what does one do in this troubled state?
let time pass and question is this my mate?
if yes, let time pass and set up a date
if still yes, let time pass and leave it to fate.

Ah you say, 'but we can't say fate and just wait',
don't we need to set up a bait
and make an impression of our unique trait,
and ensure they know our wonderful gait.

Think if you do have the pang of fear
of missing the one you feel is so dear,
and do you shed a drop of tear
when you think she may disappear.

Do you like her may she be near or far?
do you feel a blemish outside won't cause beauty to mar.
Will you accept even with a physical scar?
If yes then you are in love beyond par.

Speak out your feelings hidden in your heart
without fear that she may part.
The reply may end up gladdening your life,
or may pierce you deep like a knife.

Remember that love is not one way
and the other person may well say nay.
If it so happens don't let your life go astray,
or feel depressed and sorrowful gray.

If it were really love, you will neither blight
nor have anger and show your might.
You will not throw upon her an insult
or attempt to make her life tumult.

You will still wish for her good cheer
and not drown yourself in beer.
You never need feel sad
if you never meant any harm or bad.

It will take time to get over
the feeling of having lost a lover,
but direct your intellect to the higher cause
and work diligently without a pause.

In life you come across many a test
and this might seem the hardest of the rest,
but let not the feeling dent your zest
and instead look forward in life to giving your best.

and the inner strengths you discover will surprise.
- SS

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