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My poetry collection


How cool is a flight attendant's job?

Universal love

A life of 'likes' - social networking

Primal Nature

Enjoy your time

The funny 'reel' world

The power and pain of silence

Qualms of a pretty girl

The mask

East Vs West

Break free  

The perfect state - the utopian mind!  

A happy smiling new year  


Pretty pretty girl!

Why hurt yourself? - idea by Sujithra

Do this, no that, no not that but that! - idea by Sujithra

Why don't I deserve it?

When oh when?

Simply mad in love!!!

The turbulent mind filled with desires For Mahesh

Love or crush? my longest

For IT techies 

Birthday special 

Depression & motivation 


Poems by others

On a bday  - Sujithra

For a mom  - Sujithra

MBT (Model Based Testing)  - Sujithra

On life  - Sujithra

A poem on like  - Sujithra

In the train & parents' anniversary  - Sujithra

"Independence day special"  - Sujithra

"Mother's day special" - Sujithra

"Smile"  - Sujithra

"Love" - Sujithra

"The way in life"  - Sujithra

"Friendship"  - Sujithra

"All in a smile" - Ankita

You are here: Home > Writings > Poems