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Defect Prevention!

Our world would be perfect,
if we were to have zero defect
It would be an ideal case
but one we can proudly showcase Question arises "how do we get there?"
when we have a lot more to care.
First by having a DP team in place,
to ensure you are first in the CMMI level race,
and then by trying to storm our brain,
which would next time help defects drain
By using the fish-bone,
to identify the defect causes unknown.
By using the famed pareto chart,
to analyze defects and act smart

Specially for IT techies (ah; how many there are like this!)

We (people of the IT world) are in a lot of stress,

trying our best to impress,

we strive to be flawless

and put ourselves in tremendous duress.

We find neither time for caress

nor time to search for an empress!


You are here: Home > Writings > Poems