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Uh - meetings!

Life in a job involves sessions and meeting

where some you find happily sleeping

few you find eagerly listening and writing

while most merrily/worriedly are dreaming

Meetings invariably start 5 minutes late

Lord Hypnos shoots his arrow at the entry gate

Manager orders to attend, this being my fate

oh this hour I could have spent with my date

Time being lost is partially productive

and rarely do sessions make u inducive

But those who are really creative

use the time to come up with ideas innovative

Organizers please do read

what poor ss has to plead

Research says focus is possible for only 30 minutes beat

so skip unwanted intros and unwanted regular greet

Avoid sessions around the lunch timesheet

oh please keep it a short & snappy meet

- SS

You are here: Home > Writings > Poems