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The perfect state - the utopian mind!

It hurts when you exercise
& yet to a doc symptom's apprise

It hurts when someone with clean practice
contracts a frightening disease

It hurts bad when someone loves all out
and in return gets nothing and just feels left out

It hurts when someone with a soft heart
suffers inside with a mind torn apart

When someone you know is perfect
doesn't have things going their way

Some people do give up though
in frustration and depression

wondering what is the point of living righteous
why oh why are there so many ironies obnoxious

why does someone carefree about habits
enjoy the best of lives in high pulpits
having everything that one could ask
while the real gem suffers behind a mask

Yet it is the right path we ought to tread
bcoz it keeps our conscience in good stead

Those are the ones who rise higher
they love no matter what giveth the receiver

they believe in the clean heart and clean way
irrespective of what destiny might have to say

and what keeps them going
is something else they are chasing

some other cause that keeps the train chugging along
able to bear the bruises caused no matter what furlong

Perhaps just perhaps that is what life is about
to keep going amidst failures
to keep going even when results defy logic
to keep going even when everyone writes you off
to keep going even if there is nothing coming back for now

Just keep going...

- SS



apprise - To give notice to; inform
obnoxious - annoying or objectionable
pulpits - An elevated platform, lectern, or stand used in preaching
stead - place, position
furlong- A unit for measuring distance
utopia - An ideally perfect place, especially in its social, political, and moral aspects

You are here: Home > Writings > Poems