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Break free...

Death is the inevitable end
why start fights we can't mend

Don't fear starting your own company
worst case it will be a shamble cacophony

Why let ego rule your day
bcoz at the end u just feel gray

With all your heart happily sing
take to the skies in an airplane wing

give your all to her when you propose
it's alright if she were to dispose

if to anyone you ever did any hurt
set it right with an apology curt

try your hand, you might love art
nothing wrong in making a start

go ahead get drenched in the rain
challenge yourself test your brain

let go of the nature to be greedy
do sumthing non-monetary for the needy

scared of blood then do donate
so that your fear u can cremate

Compared to death nothing seems hard
go on, break free to get ur reward

- SS


cacophony - harsh, jarring sound

- SS

You are here: Home > Writings > Poems