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A life of 'likes'!

Daily we spend long on Facebook,
trying to keep up a good outlook.
Out here it's hard to spot a crook
and no one knows where all you look!

From here we get to know abt marriage
and to where someone goes on a voyage.
People update every single hour their image,
even something as trivial as putting garbage!

We look at what others put as status,
from one to another we browse aimless.
It is a great place to express opinion,
because someone or other shows appreciation!

With every post we hope to become famous
& the number of likes makes some even jealous.
Be it work or home people are truly addicted,
bcoz they keep counting the likes that are listed!

Pretty snaps attract many a user's eye,
but people don't realize who all spy.
You'd be surprised who all can see you,
Google your name will give you a clue!

If a beloved doesn't approve you get worried,
and in case they do then you feel gloried.
So now let me go and post this poem online,
and see who all comment with a positive sign!

- SS

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You are here: Home > Writings > Poems