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Universal love

It all starts with our self,
we keep on feeding our desire,
get all that we can for oneself,
never stop even after we retire.

If we tell someone i love you,
we expect a reply i love you too.
Now other than self we love one more,
and we live with family as our core.

Our desires expand to include them,
and for them we also devise stratagem.
We then identify with our community,
and then go beyond to feel for country.

Self, family, community, country, humanity
varying from high to low in egocentricity.
As we love to the right, our ego we shed,
but many are stuck on materialism instead.

When will we go beyond our selfish confine?
When will we avoid using boundary to define?
When will we let go of our partiality?
And let love flow to all selfless in purity.

- SS

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You are here: Home > Writings > Poems