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How cool is a flight attendant's job?

The whole crew looks classy,
none of them sport a pot belly.
We think surely their perks are jazzy,
on a job that can't be on them cruelly.

We think they have a lot of fun,
flying frequently under the sun.
Staying often in 5 star abode,
where unlimited food galore.

Patiently they take order like a waiter,
and collect money like a cashier,
keep the flight neat as wud a cleaner,
with elderly and kids act as caretaker.

Customers discard their pleasant greet,
some demand them for change of seat,
some argue over water and meat,
some stare rudely from head to feet.

Some whose actions forever haunt,
some whose words in their mind taunt,
some with them in anger misbehave,
amidst all this our air host stays brave.

No matter how bad their day,
they put up a face that is gay.
Inside they may be sad, hurt and fear,
but the mask they wear sports a cheer.

They stay many times away from family,
every job has its own perks and difficulty.
Let us treat them as friends respectably,
and make them smile as they serve selflessly.

And now they have to bear with a terrible writer,
who thinks his poetry will make them brighter!

(I wrote this during a flight)
- SS

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You are here: Home > Writings > Poems