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Fight with might
When life seems dark, When u hear everyone bark, When there seems to be no light, And it’s the middle of the night, Be bold and might, Keep doing the right, Always have your goal in sight And never give up without a fight!


Many times you might feel life is a fluster
When everything (everyone) around you seems to pester
But these are times when reserves of courage you should muster
And feel light-hearted and smile like a jester

Do your best and leave the rest 

There are times in a day,
when you feel you are going astray,
when you tend to lose your way, 
when you start using the word ‘may’,

but remember that life is a test,
in which you need to have zest,
always put in your best,
then you will succeed in your quest.


You are here: Home > Writings > Poems