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Enjoy your time

We spend our time in worry,
and time runs in a big hurry.

Our mind cooks many a curry,
later for lost time we feel sorry.

We think so much abt future and pension,
and add to our daily dose of tension.

We ignore our real passion,
and follow the crowd's fashion.

Our time out here is limited,
out of which many days we've wasted.

I wish we break free from our fears,
from others faces wipe away sad tears,
work daily bright and cheerful,
and progress to our dream zestful.

New Year

And just like that passes another year,
in which somethings you didn't do perhaps bcoz of fear
or maybe you gave up when you were oh so near.
It's time to pick up the pace by switching gear
and may you not shed a sorrowful tear

Building castles in the air

Don't set so high a stand
that there is below no land
because you have to reach there by hand
else you'll find yourself in the sand!

You are here: Home > Writings > Poems