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Madness - ain't it!!!

I'm struck by the arrow of Cupid,

apply logic and it seems stupid

I long to see your lovely smile,

every single day, all the while.

I long for you to be close,

so that with you I can strike a pose.

Words flow in poetry and prose,

for you I'd make a bed of rose.

You appear to my eyes very cute,

and I wish I could play you the flute.

The few minutes I spend with you are bliss,

I'd love to shower you with plenty of kiss.

Words from you sound sweet in your voice,

sweetness that I can't get for any a price.

I long to feed you by my own hand,

and take you to many a foriegn land.

Day or night, here or there,

in my world you appear everywhere.

All your sorrows I want to pare,

all my happiness I want you to share.

There are so many thoughts I want to say,

but on seeing you they all just go away.

For you, more than for myself I pray,

I hope to your heart I find a way.

- SS

Ahem; guess this is too much of a romantic mood! Who is the lucky person? :-)



Pare - reduce

Cupid - Roman God of love

You are here: Home > Writings > Poems