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Why don't I deserve it?

You have your eyes on something to get,

your mind is focussed and all set

You give it your all, your very best

but alas it is not to be, you are broken crest.

Unable to accept disappointment in jest,

your inner zeal you put to rest.

Your mind is highly irritated,

others enquire you feel pestered.

Your heart is completely devastated,

and you become very frustrated.

But remember that someone above does watch

and decides what things suit your catch.

He is the one who knows what is good

& doesn't want u in the long run to brood.

Don't lose heart amidst all the gust

in Him have faith & place all ur trust.

- SS

This one was again drafted in a meeting!



crest - the peak or top of a wave

zeal - enthusiastic

jest - playful/amusing

brood - depressed

You are here: Home > Writings > Poems