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Do this, no that, no not that but that!

Our life is filled with confusion,

others flood us with plenty of opinion.

Mom wants me to be a homemaker

while dad wants me to be an engineer.

Sister wants me to become a doctor,

while friend says i best fit a teacher

Oh but isn't this supposed to be my life?

Why don't i do for what, passion i have rife?

Why am i worried of what in me others want?

Why am i bothered about all their rant?

I don't want tomorrow to feel regret

bcoz of something i like but today neglect.

I don't want to feel tomorrow miserable and anger

bcoz I did today something for the whims of a stranger.

PLEASE, I can't take any more of this,

let me put an end to my mind's cross-criss.

I will on my own decide and take reason

and will not allow another to drive my person.

I will find and try to pursue my own passion

rather than blindly follow the herd and its fashion.

- SS

Idea for this one given by Sujithra!



rife - in widespread abundance

rant - to express in extravagance

cross-criss - not a real word but just criss cross reversed!

You are here: Home > Writings > Poems