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Why hurt yourself?

A close one causes pain

when on my part I did no wrong

My heart feels all the strain

the agony is oh so long

The person I held in high respect

and held close like one very dear

I felt it fair to get what I expect

but now hurt shed many a tear

I see a baby fall in it's initial stride

and amidst the pain it tries to rise

struggling on its own without any wordly guide

its perseverance paying off with the ultimate prize

My conscionce knows I did no mistake

The One above knows all my clear intention

Then why in my life should I apply brake?

and strain my poor heart with all the tension?

I vow that I will bounce back strong

with good feelings in life, life itself a gift

Courage in my heart will muster and throng

Time and the One above will help myself lift

Rise thee mortal rise

the inner strength in you will surprise

- SS

Idea for this one also given by Sujithra

You are here: Home > Writings > Poems