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 In the train

With the wind blowing

thoughts flowing,

Here I am,travelling,

with a beautiful marvelling!!!


eyes dreaming,

ears singing,

hopes soaring,

heart smiling,

an evening unravelling!!!


- Sujithra Sriganesh


 For parents' anniversary


I envisage the hopes in ur mind this same day,

Which has reached a silver lining today.

Two hands joined together with a smile,

To Pursue their ambitions that were miles.


A new born in the family that draws the focus,

Creating an abode of joy to be in nexus.

She was nurtured,

But never pampered.

She was loved,

Only to be lovable.

The kid grows,

The couple’s ambitions soars.

Years rolled on in a jiffy.

The couple set apart differences,

Lived with like mindedness,

And relished with her in childishness.


Today, It’s the turn of the kid who was always at the beautiful receiving end.

Time for nostalgia,

With a cute memorabilia.


Two diamonds dropped from the sky ,

Two hearts longing for me,

Two souls craving for my success,

Two lips smiling to c me smile,

Yes dear Mom and dad, I owe it to u.


25 years down the lane,

But not without pain.

Here you are standing aloft,

With enchanting fame.


Let this beautiful journey continue

Into “The ROAD that never ends”


Many More happy Returns on this beautiful SILVER JUBILEE DAY!!!

 Keep SMILIN!!!



- Sujithra Sriganesh



You are here: Home > Writings > Poems