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On life

When everything goes ur way,
nothing goes hayway..

When nothing goes ur way,
everything goes away..

Its just holding those moments of uncertainity,
that makes ur heart getting gritty.

Histories may go untold
Happiness may go unseen,
But never should a sorrow be unhead!

Forget the sorrow,
Expect the tomorrow,
Live like a marrow!!

- Sujithra Sriganesh


Research in Model driven architecture,
Creating a physical form of the system structure.

Driving deep into model based testing,
Typically highlights a form of black box testing.

The art of modeling performed,
The craft of testing enhanced.

The system model -- the visual representation with the perfect interpretation.

Generate automatic test cases from the model,
Attenuate manual test design, the hurdle.

Test data generation here is a gain, while
Manual test case execution is a pain.

Extend MBT with DSL, and
Here you are with a package very clinical.

Executable test scripts from MBT are the order of the day,
And there does MBT carve a niche giving the flavor of gay.

- Sujithra Sriganesh

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